WorldBrass, Kloster Chorin - 21/07/18 @ 16:00


Kloster Chorin, Amt Chorin 11a, 16230 Chorin, Germany

The imposing architecture of the Venetian St Mark’s Basilica inspired Giovanni Gabrieli to compose his polyphonic works for brass instruments. The "Voyager Golden Record" was sent into space in 1977 with the spacecraft Voyager to bring a grand selection of important works of human culture in images and music to intelligent extraterrestrial life forms. Håkon Berge’s "Response" sees itself as a possible answer to this. Bart de Vree's "IKNWWHTYVDN" is inspired by Bach's "Musical Sacrifice" and continues the idea of ​​Gabrieli with his spatial sound conception. A medley on Salvation Army Hymns meditates the gaze into the inner space of psychic life and raises the question of who is the architect of what we are and what surrounds us. At the end of the program, Gustav Holst's famous "Planets" bring sound and rhythmic energy into the vastness of space.


Giovanni Gabrieli (1555-1612) - Canzon a 8

Bach, Strawinsky, Mozart, Beethoven, Chuck Berry - Voyager Golden Record Suite

Hakon Berge (* 1954) - Response


Bart de Vrees (*1974) - IKNWWHTYHVDN

arr. Sam Robson - Salvation Hymn Suite

Gustav Holst (1874- 1934) - The Planets arr. Tom Poulson


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